Release date 2017/02/23 17:23:20 Update date 2019/11/13 13:53:03


Business Affairs

Pursuant to Article 9 of the Regulations for Department Affairs of Investigation Bureau, Ministry of Justice amended on October 17, 2008, the authority of AMLD is as follows: 

1.Researching AML strategies and providing consultation in the formulation of relevant regulations.

2.Receiving, analyzing and processing Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs) filed by financial institutions and disseminating the analysis result.

3.Receiving, analyzing and processing Currency Transaction Resports (CTRs) filed by financial institutions and International Currency and Securities Transportation Reports (ICTRs) forwarded by the customs and disseminating the analysis result.

4.Assisting other domestic law enforcement partner agencies in matching AMLD database for investigating ML cases and coordinating/contacting with respect to AML operations.

5.Liaison, planning, coordination and implementation of information exchange, personnel training and co-operation in investigating ML cases with foreign counterparts.

6.Compilation and publication of Annual Report on AML work and the management of relevant data and information.

7.Other AML related matters.