Release date 2019/05/27 14:07:47 Update date 2024/04/25 11:20:49

Explanation for the Call for Articles for The Clear Current Bimonthly and Information Announcement

  1. The Clear Current Bimonthly is an educational publication for "national security" and "institutional security defense" published by the Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau. The section for the call for articles is completely open to external entities.
  2. We welcome articles from all sectors of the society on topics including institutional security, analysis of Mainland China, counter-terrorism, information & communication security, environmental security, food safety, and other issues related to national security and public welfare as well as soft articles such as past and present stories of security measures in the country and in foreign countries, beauty of Taiwan, and local delicacies that purify the mind, improve literary values, and care for the disadvantaged. We encourage you to include pictures for your article (digital files with a resolution of 300dpi or above; royalties for images shall be calculated separately).
  3. The publication is not an academic journal and articles should be written in simple language with an emphasis for readability. Therefore, articles submitted should be less than 2,000 words with a summary of less than 60 words. If your article is related to main operations of the Bureau, the article can be limited to 3,000 words. The Clear Current Bimonthly reserves the right to delete and amend the articles you submit.
  4. Please send the file via email ( and provide the real name, job title, and contact method (including the telephone number, address, and email) of the author. Please submit your article before the 20th day of January, March, May, July, September, and November. If the file is too big (over 8MB), please compress or divide the file, or send image files separately.
  5. In response to the government's energy conservation and carbon emissions reduction policy, we refuse to accept printed articles. Please send all articles in digital files (including text and images). The Clear Current Bimonthly will not return articles that do not meet the specifications for the call for articles.
  6. After submitting to The Clear Current Bimonthly, the author may submit the article to other publications if the article has not been published for one year or if the author has not received a notice. The author shall be responsible for the images and text of the article. Please abide by related regulations. The Clear Current Bimonthly reserves the right to delete and amend the articles you submit. If you have other requests, please specify them in the article.
  7. Once an article is published (in print and digital book format), the copyright and property right shall be vested in The Clear Current Bimonthly and the author agrees that the Bureau may relicense the contents for usage by a third party. However, the author shall retain publication moral rights and retain the rights to use the article in future compilations, education, and other personal use. The Clear Current Bimonthly is a government publication and the copyright of the article must be licensed to the Ministry of Culture, the competent authority of government publications, and its licensees for reasonable use.
  8. Royalties are provided for the text in the published article (NTD 1/word) and images (NTD 0 to 400/image). The royalties shall be paid by direct fund transfer to bank accounts. The Clear Current Bimonthly shall notify the author of the amount of the royalties and transfer the fund after receiving the fund transfer account number.
  9. Important announcement: The original telephone number of The Clear Current Bimonthly 02-29112314 has been changed to a fax machine. If you have important affairs to process, please use the email for communication. For urgent matters, please dial the telephone number of the Security Department of the Investigation Bureau 02-29112241 ext. 3332 (article submission hotline) or 3333 (subscriber services).