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Description of the Bureau emblem

Description of the Bureau emblem

The ring (external ring) symbolizes "light and motivation"
It represents the outstanding traditions of the Bureau and its contribution to the nation and it encourages investigative agents to work hard for the honor of the Bureau.

The plum blossom (national flower) (embedded in the center) symbolizes "purity, loyalty, and perseverance"
It represents the ethical and loyal conduct of the Bureau, its fearlessness in the execution of duties, and its steadfast resolve to achieve its goals.

The shield (inner layer) symbolizes "solemnity"
It represents that the Bureau is vested with the responsibility to ensure national security, protect national interests, promote social stability, and protect the rights and interest of the people.

The balance symbolizes "justice and fairness"
It represents the Bureau's basic principles for protecting the foundations of the nation, preventing crimes, and upholding laws, fairness, objectivity, democracy, and science in all its endeavors.

The wheat ears symbolize "prosperity and bountiful harvest"
It represents the Bureau's abundant energy, vitality, wisdom, strength, hardworking attitude, improvements, and its efforts to protect the people and the economic development of the society.

The ribbon symbolizes "integrity and progress"
It represents the Bureau's endeavors to achieve work results based on collective wisdom and teamwork and it symbolizes teamwork and progress.