Release date 2016/12/16 11:54:49 Update date 2021/11/23 14:35:15

MJIB building

The predecessor of MJIB was established in 1928 and then reorganized into “The Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Interior” in 1949. On June 1, 1956, the Bureau was reorganized and renamed as “The Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Judicial Administration”. On August 1, 1980, based on the restructuring of judicial system, the Bureau was renamed again as “The Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Justice” (MJIB), which is still in use today.

The incumbent Director General Wang Jyun-Li took office on November 15, 2021. Under the former and current Director Generals’ great leadership, the Bureau has been and will be successfully and resolutely enforcing the law and serving the justice for this country and its people. The missions of safeguarding national security, maintaining social stability, and protecting people’s well-being will always remain in the hearts of all the MJIB special agents.