• Even lawyers and celebrities are driven crazy! Cross-border Bitcoin fraud group looted around 1.5 billion NTD

    2018/7/5 下午 02:29:33

    The Taichung City Field Division of the Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau (MJIB) and the Taichung City Prosecutors Office received a report in December 2017, which alleged that I** International Savings Group's Lin XXX-chieh and others were suspected on the grounds of having boasted and bragged to certain people that they could acquire great profits from price differences by investing in bitcoin. Lin and others claimed that investors could purchase investment packages worth US$100 to US$7,000 in exchange for Reserve Money (RM). The RM was alleged being able to appreciate 0.35% on a daily basis, which would accumulate to 355% percent of the principal and interest one year later. The fraud case attracted new investors with the latest trendy products. In view of this, the MJIB and Taichung City Prosecutors Office organized a special investigation committee to delve into the details, track illicit gains and ascertain the bitcoin flow, in an intention of obtaining concrete evidence of money fraud and money laundering committed by Lin and others. On June 13, the case prosecutor of the Taichung City Prosecutors Office, Hung Kuo-chao, received a search warrant from Taiwan Taichung District Court and led more than 60 special agents of MJIB to search for the crime group. Eight offices and homes of the crime group in Taichung City and Taipei City were raided in the concurrent search effort. Eight suspects, including Lin XXX-chieh were interrogated and their statements taken. The evidence obtained included their bank passbooks, investment documents and lists. As many as 26 bank accounts belonging to the fraud group were successfully frozen and 196 bitcoins (market value equivalent to more than NT$40 million) were also seized. Initial estimates revealed that within a short 9 months the fraud group looted more than NT$1.5 billion in mainland China and Taiwan. Lin XXX-chieh, as the group's mastermind, and others were interrogated overnight. The suspects were set a bail for 100,000 to 10 million NTD.

  • MJIB crackdown on patented online Ponzi scheme island-wide

    2018/5/1 下午 04:23:05

    The Taichung City Field Division of Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau (MJIB) received reports from citizens that Company X made claims such as "a candidate can pay NT$4,200 in exchange for membership in the patented company bonus system and a passive income of NT$120,000 per month for life" in order to attract nonspecific targets to invest in the scheme. MJIB has consistently paid attention to cases involving consumers' rights as investors, the Bureau promptly mobilized the Taichung City Field Division to follow the lead of Prosecutor Jing-Yi Wu of the Taiwan Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office in the investigation. After an extended period of time of gathering evidence, MJIB collected substantial proof of illegal activities conducted by Company X and its person in charge, surnamed Chen. On April 17, the task force, which consisted of the Taichung City Field Division, the Northern Mobile Team, and the Southern Mobile Team, joined force with other units, including the Taoyuan City Field Division, the Kaohsiung Field Office of Maritime Affairs Field Division, the Eastern Mobile Team, and the Yilan County Field Office, in mobilizing more than a hundred investigators and administrative prosecutors to execute a search warrant issued by the Taiwan Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office simultaneously at 22 Company X sites across the island. Cash, account books, and investment advertisements were confiscated from these sites in the search. The officers also interviewed more than 10 individuals, including Chen. In addition, the task force requested that the Taiwan Taoyuan District Court seize 23 properties and 97 bank accounts registered to Company X, Chen, and other suspects. A preliminary estimate suggested more than 10,000 victims who lost more than NT$4 billion. The four suspects, including Chen, were referred in the evening to the Taiwan Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office for prosecutors to conduct further interrogations. The plan was to request that the Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office to detain these suspects while bails were set at NT$50,000 to NT$300,000 for the other six suspects.

  • Updating Introduction Video

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  • Updating MJIB Panorama

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