Release date 2018/03/02 10:36:51 Update date 2018/03/02 10:51:21

What's the functions of MJIB?

The Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Justice is a law enforcement agency in the Republic of China (Taiwan), and its primary missions are protecting national security and investigating major crimes.

Protecting National Security 

  • Counter-infiltration from the PRC
  • Infiltration prevention from elsewhere
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Protection of national secrets
  • Domestic security investigation
  • Coordination of national internal security
  • Research on the Cross-strait relations

Investigating Major Crimes

  • Public corruption, malfeasance, and election fraud
  • Economic crime
  • Drug crime
  • Money laundering
  • Cyber crime

What's the assignments of MJIB?

  • Safeguarding National Security and Interests
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Research. Training, Technology
  • Prevention of Money Laundering/Terrorist Financing
  • Security Protection