Researches On Mainland China

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•Prospect & Exploration monthlyThe Situation in Mainland China and Cross-Strait RelationsMainland China's Legal System and Cross-Strait Criminal Activity

All are available for reading online.


  • Overview:

This Bureau collects various archives published by Mainland China. It accommodates more than 90,000 volumes of books, 22 newspapers, and 74 periodicals, approximately 300,000 volumes in all.

  • Feature:

The archives were collected from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau. The Bureau features the Chinese Communist Party's original archives published before 1949, which are invaluable references for those studying the CCP's early development.


  • Material Available:
    • People who are interested in China Studies may be allowed to browse these archives through recommendation of related schools, academic institutions or organizations.
    • The material is kept in closed book stacks. Readers are required to consult the staff to find any material and to study in the reading room (a maximum of 4 persons per day).
  • Opening Hours: 

Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00 (closed on holidays) 

  • Our Location: 

No. 40, ZhongSheng Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 231, Taiwan

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  • Research Focuses:
    • The developments and policies regarding CCP’s party politics, finance, economy, culture, education, justice, and society.
    • Analyses of the cross-Strait Interactions.
  • Publications:
    • “Prospect & Exploration“ monthly
    • Cross-Strait relations and China studies series.
      For example:
      Overview of Mainland China
      Introduction to the System and Organizations Dealing with  
         Taiwan Affairs in Mainland China
      Theory and Practice of Non-Traditional Security
      Non-Traditional Security Threats under the Cross-Strait
         Overall Security Situation
    • Publications are available at “Government Publications Bookstore” Taipei and “Wunan Bookstore” Taichung.