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Mailbox for Whistle-blowers

Who/when/where/how about the violation



Designated personnel




Computer record established


  • Response to the whistle-blower
  • Case forwarded to the responsible organization by mail for follow-up; copy sent to whistle-blower



Case referred to related unit within the Bureau




Investigation, close of investigation, referral




Response to whistle-blower

Informed about results via postal mail, e-mail or telephone


Step 01
Step 02

Whistle-blower accesses Mailbox for Whistle-blowers, inputs relevant information, and sends the information to the Bureau via e-mail. A system-generated letter is sent to the whistle-blower to confirm receipt.

(To facilitate investigation, judgment and follow-up actions, please provide detailed information wherever possible, including the person, time, place and methods involved in the offense.)

Step 03
Step 04

The designated personnel for the Mailbox builds up the computer records. Based on the contents of the whistle-blower's report, the designated personnel will make response or forward the case to the responsible organization by mail, with a copy to the whistle-blower. Alternatively, the case will be referred to the relevant unit within the Bureau for further investigation.

Step 05
Step 06

When a case has been started by the related unit within the Bureau, an official letter will be distributed to the relevant investigation units for handling. Once the investigation is completed and the case transferred, a response will be sent to the whistle-blower by postal mail or e-mail in the name of the Bureau, or verbally (by telephone) to advise of the results. A record of such response shall be maintained.